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Gate Times

Below we have some important information on gate times and entrance prices for Madikwe Game Reserve. It is important to leave enough time when travelling to Madikwe Game Reserve to enter before the gate closing times.

This is what you need to know about Madikwe Game Reserve gate entry fees and times for 2017:

  • Gates open at 06h00 and close at 18h00
  • Gates open from 18h00 to 21h00 with escorted game drive vehicle only.
  • Many of the lodges offer gate entrance at an earlier or later time with an escorting vehicle and additional charge
  • If you are arriving at you lodge outside of these times, you will need to advise the lodge you are staying at accordingly
  • Entrance prices are usually payable at the Lodge you are staying at and will be included in your overall bill
  • It is important to drive carefully and be aware of village pedestrians, domestic animals and children. It is safe to drive through rural areas as the locals highly regard your sense of safety
  • There are no day visitors permitted in the reserve, only visitors staying at one of the various lodges are allowed
  • Please note that the route towards Madikwe Game Reserve is notorious for speed traps so be sure to travel at the correct speed limits on your journey
  • Speed limit in the park is 40km per hour.

Entrance Rates

  • Prices are currently set at R180.00 per person per stay for entrance into the reserve (subject to reserve changes)
  • Children are billed at R80.00 each for entrance into the reserve

Flight Entrance Rates

  • Prices are currently set at R240.00 per person per stay for entrance into the reserve (subject to reserve changes)
  • Children are billed at R150.00 each for entrance into the reserve

Conservation/ Anti Poaching Levy

  • Prices are currently set at  R 150.00 per adult, per night
  • Children are billed at R 75.00 per child, per night
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