Weather and Seasons

Current forecast

October – April (Rainy Season)

Day Temperatures can vary but are usually hot and humid averaging 30°C, The highest rainfall months are between November and February.

May to September (Dry Season)

The winter months in Madikwe can be dry and cold with night temperatures dropping to 2°C and Day temperatures averaging 23°C

Average monthly Temperature and Rainfall




January 32°C 9.7 cm
February 31°C 8.4 cm
March 30°C 7.1 cm
April 28°C 4.1 cm
May 25°C 1.3 cm
June 22°C 0.5 cm
July 22°C 0.3 cm
August 25°C 0.5 cm
September 28°C 1.5 cm
October 31°C 4.3 cm
November 31°C 6.6 cm
December 32°C 8.9 cm