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Topography of Madikwe

The diverse topographic scenery of Madikwe, ranging from the jumbled hills of Tshwene Tshwene, the stark contrast of the hills abruptly rising from the otherwise flat north western plains near the Botswana border, to the prominent and continuous ridge of the Dwarsberg, are all ultimately due to the underlying geology of the area.  The scenery we observe in Madikwe today is the result of billions of years of geological processes, processes carrying on to this day, and ensuring in 20 million years time Madikwe will look different to what it does now.

The Dwarsberg Mountain Range forms the southern boundry of Madikwe Game Reserve, and runs from east to west.  This range has been drastically erodes, with Branwacht, the highest point in the Dwarsberg range within the Reserve, reaching only 1,228 meters.

Northwards into Madikwe, an undulating plateau covered in dense bushveld vegetation suddenly drops away at the Tweedepoort escarpment to a lower, flat savanna plain.  Scattered Inselbergs dot this savanna, bringing relief to an otherwise flat area.

The Tshwene Tshwene Hills, more or less in the centre of the Reserve, reach 1,328 meters, making this the highest point in Madikwe.

The Molatedi Gate on the eastern boundry of the Reserve is close to Lotteringskop, and the entrance gate on the western side has a good view of Abjaterskop.

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