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Due to its broad spectrum of habitats, Madikwe Game Reserve accommodates a wide variety of animals. The Reserve has the following habitats:

  • Mountainous areas
  • Plateau
  • Rocky hills
  • A perennial river
  • Seasonal wetlands
  • A wide variety of sandy and clay areas
  • Bushveld
  • Kalahari veld
  • Savanna areas

Despite the toll that hunting and farming activities have taken on the Madikwe area, the launch of Operation Pheonix has seen the successful reintroduction of species into the area, not seen for the past 100+ years.  (Read more about Operation Pheonix here.) The animal life is consequently rich and varied, ranging from insects to large game.  The bird population includes over 340 different species.


The geological formations, tempered by millions of years if erosion, have produced the complex foundation of soils and rocks on which the diverse vegetation of Madikwe grows.

The climate, which varies dramatically from one corner of the Park to the other, is another factor in determining the type of vegetation found in the various areas within Madikwe.  The major veld types in the Park include:

  • Mixed bushveld
  • Kalahari bushveld
  • Arid sweet bushveld
  • Other turf thornveld

Madikwe has inherited a mosaic of vegetation resulting from the veld management styles employed on the farms that previously made up the Reserve.

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